Honeywell T8000 SCBA840E60 Open-Circuit SCBA with 40 Minutes Cylinder & Case

Product Description

  • The T8000 is an open circuit self contained compressed breathing apparatus developed by Honeywell Safety Products which complies with the requirements of the latest EN 137, Type 1 standard.
  • Comfortable, high-performing and durable it will protect you during any situation or application.
  • Honeywell Breathing Apparatus T8000CE Black Harness with Panoramasque Full Face Mask & 6.8 Litre 300 Bar Carbon Composite Cylinder
  • EN 137-2006 certified SCBA The SCBA design is base on considering the Chinese working environment and working habit
  • Light weight, the total weight only 10.4kg (including 3.8Kg cylinder), suit for long time wearing.
  •  Full face mask ( Panoramasque )
  • Valved pressure vessel
  • Backpack with body harness
  • Pressure reducer
  • Pressure indicator
  • Pressure vessel
  • PC class 3 with anti scratch treatment VISOR


  • T8000 is optimized for industrial applications. It ensures the best respiratory protection of the wearer in any situation, even with very low rate of oxygen in the air.
  • T8000 can be used during 40 minutes with 6.8L 300 bar light composite cylinder for work or rescue/evacuation activities.

Product Specifications

Weight With Cylinder 10 Kg
Using Temperature -30°C+60°C
Pressure Reducer  
Input Pressure Up to 330 bar
Output 2 outputs of 6-8 bar
Type of Reducer Compensated
Demand Valve  
Max  Flow (by-pass) 450 I/min
Type of LDV Positive pressure, activated when connected to face piece,

Airflow stopped automatically when LDV disconnected from face piece

Face piece  
Skirt and inner mask material EPDM
Visor PC class 3 with anti scratch treatment
Options Integrated speech diaphragm
Pressure Guage  
Type of Guage Pneumatic Precision class 1.6
Protection Rubber cover  Low pressure alarm
Activation Pressure 50-60 bar
Sound Level >90 dB at ear
Air Consumption < 5 l/min
Cylinder Volume 6.8L
Nominal Pressure 300 bar
Testing Pressure 450 bar
Type Composite with Aluminium Liner