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Our History

Eagle Safety is Brother Group company providing all kind of safety equipment and tools. We are ian American‐Iraqi firm established in 2003 by two civil engineers, originally from north Iraq, Kirkuk City. BG started the businesses with the U.S. military in west Iraq and in a very short period of time, our business expanded to everywhere in Iraq. Founder of B.G.S graduated from Baghdad University in 2002/ engineering college civil department: Baghdad University was considered the first university in education back then and cultivation which all lecturers have certificates from international universities.

Our first contract was in Tikrit city/ FOB Danger, we won a small business with U.S. military back in 2004 and our business expanded to COB Speicher to win BPA contract for $5,000,000.00 as it was the first American‐Iraq concrete plan in Iraq back in 2003. Respect and honesty in work is our policy in order to reach a shining reputation to all businesses in the world. Brother Group has been providing services, supplies, maintenance & constructions throughout Iraq & Kurdistan. Our business relationship and high quality services are our goal.

For the past years, B.G.C has been provided many contracts and works in the most remote and challenging areas in the country continuously seeking to improve our capabilities and performances. Brother Group has locations in Iraq, Kurdistan, & South Iraq: our international locations are in The United States TN and AZ addition to Jordan, China, Africa & Turkey offices. Our mission is to be most trusted business in the whole world by building relationships, providing impeccable customer service, Quality and high level of performance, suppling top quality products and creating a trusted business reputation that is recognized both locally and national.

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