MSA AirHawkII A-A2LB36B00C13AA1 SCBA Nylon Harness With Double Pull Chest Strap 30 Minutes Duration

Product Details 

  • The new Air Hawk II Air Mask is built upon MSA’s established Air Hawk MMR Air Mask and is a lightweight, durable, and economical SCBA for many industrial IDLH (immediately dangerous to life or health) applications.
  • This SCBA fits any budget by keeping its lower-cost options while offering many new choices not offered with any other industrial air mask. In addition, the Air Hawk II Air Mask is available in both low-pressure and high-pressure versions.
  • MSA’s Air Hawk II Air Mask is a pressure-demand apparatus designed to maintain a slight positive air pressure inside the face piece during inhalation and exhalation.
  • Positive pressure helps to prevent contaminants from seeping in and around the face piece, even if small breaks in the face-to face piece seal should occur.
  • The Air Hawk II Air Mask is built from six major components: face piece, carrier and harness assembly, cylinder, first-stage regulator, mask-mounted regulator, and End-of-Service-Time-Indicator (EOSTI).

Face piece 

  • MSA offers you the choice of two face pieces, the proven Ultra Elite Face piece or new industrial Advantage 4000 Face piece for the Air Hawk II Air Mask.
  • Choose from three face piece sizes (small, medium or large) in either Soft Feel Rubber or silicone rubber.
  • Nose cups are available in two sizes, standard and large.

The Ultra Elite Face piece features:

  • A one-way check valve preventing exhaled air from entering the mask mounted re entering the mask mounted  regulator
  • A molded polycarbonate lens .a mechanical speaking diaphragm for short-range communications. five adjustable rubber straps for exceptional head comfort, security, and safety optional heat-resistant Kevlar hairnet-style head harness

The Advantage 4000 Face piece features:

  • Adapters to convert the Advantage Face piece to a Twin-Cartridge Respirator (using Advantage Cartridges) or an RD40 Face piece
  • A one-way check valve preventing exhaled air from entering the mask-mounted regulator
  • A molded polycarbonate lens
  • Four-point silicone head harness for exceptional comfort and security
  • optional polyester net head harness

Airframe Carrier and Harness Assembly

  • MSA’s durable AirFrame Carrier and Harnessassembly comes standard with large side handles and a central attachment point to pull workers to safety in rescue scenarios.
  • The AirFrame Carrier and Harness distributes the SCBA’s weight over the user’s hips for comfort and stability.
  • The composite backplate is made of glass fiberreinforced thermoset plastic and is ergonomically designed with a spine strain relief. Key components are detachable without special tools.
  • The assembly’s harness components are available in nylon or high-strength Kevlar. Shoulder straps feature easy-to-release friction buckles to positively retain pull straps.
  • A center-pull waist belt system is also incorporated into its design.
  • This harness also provides optional shoulder pads, lumbar pad, and chest strap, making this unit the most comfortable industrial air mask on the market today.
  • The cylinder band is available in nylon or Kevlar and is secured by an adjustable nylon buckle, allowing the band to retain various cylinder sizes.
  • An optional open-form stainless steel cylinder band provides rapid drop-in cylinder replacement, eliminating webbing adjustments and clips.


  • MSA offers a choice of three low pressure (2216 psig) 30-minute-rated cylinders for use with this SCBA. Choose carbon-wrapped, fiberglass hoop- wound, or all-aluminum construction cylinders.
  • High-pressure (4500 psig) carbon wrapped cylinders are available in 30-, 45- or 60-minute durations.

First Stage Regulator

  • The PR-14 Regulator is designed with the fewest number of parts in the industry, with Teflon- coated anodized valve bodies to minimize internal component friction and maximize service life
  • The PR-14 Regulator has only 14 replaceable parts and can be maintained without special tools.

Mask Mounted Regulator

  • The second-stage Fire Hawk Regulator Features
  • A slide-to-connect (S-T-C) or push-to-connect (P-T-C) regulator attachment to meet the widest preference ranges.
  • An integrated shutoff prevents cylinder air loss when disconnecting the second-stage regulator from the face piece.
  • The Fire Hawk Regulator has only 22 replaceable parts and can be maintained without special tools.


  • MSA’s Audi-Larm Audible Alarm is an air-actuated continuously-ringing warning bell that automatically sounds when the air-supply cylinder reaches 25% of its rated service life.