Duralabel T3100-1 TORO DuraTag ( Tag Stocks)

Product Details

  • Flexible , tear-resistant tags
  • These tag stocks are made of a durable material designed to stand up to high temparatures  and tough industrial environments
  • simply punch a hole in the printed tag and attach whereever needed
  • Easily attach tag with chains or cable ties to industrial equipment ,manufacturing components ,facility utilities ,or even pipes
  • Tag stock are perfect for lockout/tagout ,equipment repair tags ,valve tags and much more
  • Customize ;Blank canvas to design your own tags
  • Heavy duty ;Resistant to tears ,moisture , UV light and chemicals
  • Adaptable :can endure both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Thickness : 3-15 layers of high density polythene
  • Min Service Temparature : -56 degree celcius
  • Max Service Temparature: 93 degree celcius #
  • Roll length : 30 meters