Duralabel T0305-15 DuraTag LOTO Tags

Product Details

  • Warn personnal about important Lockout/Tagout procedures and safety information .
  • This supply is preprinted with a ‘DANGER ‘ header ,lockout /tagout message,and a red and white safety stripe pattern to enhance awareness
  • Its ideal for equipment Lockout/Tagout Labels ,Maintenance tags ,and more
  • High quality  :resists tears ,moisture ,UV light and chemicals
  • Easy to install:attach anywhere with cable ties ,chains and more, indoors and outdoors
  • Convinient :tags come on a continuous roll for each batch printing and automatic cutting
  • Outdoor life :2 years
  • Thickeness :7.5 mil
  • Min Service Temparature :-70 degree F
  • Maximum Service Temparature:200 degree F
  • Application Temparature :-70 to 200  degree F
  • Shlef Life ( unused):2 year