Duralabel 96-3008 DL 9000 Premium Vinyl 150 mm Wide

Product Details

  • Provides long lasting durability for a variety of labeling and signage applications
  • The flexible materials allows for easy applicaton and maximum durability in harsh industry environments
  • Premius Vinyl is perfect for general safety and facility labeling , pipe marking , 5S/6S labeling and more
  • This material is available in a wide vareity of colors to meet specific needs
  • Custom colors are also available
  • Outdoor life :up to 5 to 6 years
  • Size : 150 mm X 21 m /roll
  • Thickeness :3.0 mil film,1.0 mil adhesive
  • Min Service Temparature :-40 degree celcius
  • Maximum Service Temparature:93 degree celcius
  • Application Temparature :5 degree celcuis
  • Shlef Life ( unused):1 year