Schoeller WC1-1 Oil Absorbing Pillow 25CMX40CM


  • White Hydrophobic :Absorbs industrial hydrocarbons and derivative products (petrol, oil, diesel oil, benzene, mineral oil, etc…) but not water-based liquids.
  • Do not use on soapy water the absorbent would dive.
  • To absorb and clean small quantity
  • Cushions Industry:Line drip trays, use when carrying out maintenance of valves or pipework or as part of your spill response plan.
  • Flocks:Standard absorption capacity
  • Schoeller WC1-1 Oil Absorbing Pillow 25CMX40CM.
  • Store in a dry and cool place
  • Pure Polypropylene Sorbent
  • Oil absorption capacity L/KG*: 120
  • Water absorption capacity L/KG*: 0