SCHOELLER SCHU-120L Universal Spill Kit-120L

Product Details

  • 120 L Heavy duty, water proof container with two wheels, filled with sorbents.
  • Place in a specific location or use to back-up your site response team.
  • Sorbents are made of polypropylene melt blown nonwoven.
  • Absorbed liquids :All liquids, Non-Aggressive and some Aggressive Fluids
  • Sales unit:Yellow Container, dimensions: 48x55xH93cm, weight:15.1 kg
  • Storage: Keep dry and away from sunshine. Does not freeze.
  • Waste: According to the regulation.


  • After and accidental spill, wear appropriate protective gear.
  • Contain the polluted area with the sock.
  • Put the sorbents on the spilled liquid.
  • Clean the residues and put the soaked sorbents in the disposal bags

Kit Contents

  • Heavy weight pads, dimensions: 50 x 40 cm ,70 pcs
  • Sock  7.5 cm x 120 m,4 Pcs
  • Pillow 25 cm x 40 cm,3 Pcs
  • Chemicals splash proof goggle,1 Pcs
  • Pair of Gloves,1 Pcs
  • Disposal bags,3 Pcs
  • Instruction Sheet,1 Pcs
  • Label,1 Pcs
  • Scoop & Brush,1 Pcs
  • Yellow color spill kit container with wheel,1 Pcs