Honeywell Bio-S-Cape 1815732 Emergency Escape Breathing Device With 3L 200 Bar Steel Air Cylinder 15 Minutes

Product Details

  • The Bio-S-Cape is a compressed air emergency escape breathing device (E.E.B.D). It is designed for escape in toxic or oxygen-deficient environments, requiring easy and immediate donning.
  • The Bio-S-Cape complies with European Standard EN 1146: 2005 and the SOLAS Convention.
  • The Bio-S-Cape is a compressed air emergency escape breathing device designed to offer easy donning, combined with optimal respiratory protection.
  • It is contained in a bag for carrying which, when opened, automatically triggers the supply of breathable air from the cylinder. Positive pressure in the hood eliminates any risk of inhaling toxic gases.
  • The hood is adjusted automatically thanks to the integrated inflatable air cushion on the back of the head.
  • This system allows the hood to fit securely over the head, offering greater respiratory comfort and leaving the hands free during donning, ensuring the highest level of safety.
  • An alarm whistle indicates when the air supply isabout to run out.


  • Dimensions with 3L 200 bar air cylinder (W x H x D) 500 x 180 x 180 mm
  • Total weight of the apparatus with 3L 200 bar steel air cylinder Approximately 5.25 kg
  • Total weight of the apparatus with 3L 200 bar composite air cylinder Approximately 3.45 kg
  • Carrying bag durable PVC (orange), quick opening, fluorescent strips, safety seal, large window
  • Neck seal Synthetic, non-allergenic soft rubber with a tear-resistant system
  • Lens Wide field of vision – without optical distortion
  • Reducer Triggered when opening the bag; including an integrated EN charging plug
  • Pressure in use 200 bar – flow of pre-regulated air
  • Duration 15 minutes
  • Approved temperatures -15°C/+60°C
  • Apparatus type-approvals EN 1146: 2005, SOLAS, MSC, MED and IMO


  • Reducer triggered automatically when the bag is opened
  • Back of the head cushion inflates automatically to keep hood it in place
  • Recharging port (EN), allowing the apparatus to be refilled after use


  • High-visibility hood, resistant to extreme temperature, humidity and chemical environment
  • Fully airtight, comfortable and tear-resistant neck seal thanks to an anti tear layer
  • Gauge visible at all times: easy to check pressure during storage inspection and escape
  • Powerful alarm whistle to indicate end of operation and non-metallic: positioned next to the ear and does not consume air (air re-injected into the hood)
  • Durable PVC carrying bag with a cylinder securing system


  • Adjustable hood for all face shapes and accommodates facial hair and spectacles
  • Wide-angle lens without optical distortion
  • Adjustable carrying strap (optional hip belt)
  • Larger hood, easy and comfortable to wear