Heskins EWM028 Ear Protection Blue 430mm Floor Markers & Safety Signs

Product Details

  • Floor markers and safety signs are durable
  • Self-adhesive signs constructed from an industrial grade plastic
  • Intended for use in factory warehouses and buildings where restrictions and safety notifications need to be highlighted.
  • Signs have their designs printed onto the surface, and then a top laminate applied over that to protect the print
  • Preventing its important messages from being worn off and therefore resulting in them lasting a long time.
  • With quick application,  floor markers and safety signs require no downtime to apply.
  • Clean the surface area, and then you can peel off the backing liner, and stick it down.
  • Once applied, they are ready for use immediately.
  • Easy to apply
  • Vibrant surface print
  • Top laminate for durability
  • Apply to floors or walls

Intended Application Environments

  • Floor markers can be applied in any area of your choosing.
  • Areas for application generally include entrance ways into specific areas to notify people of certain restrictions or hazards to look out for.
  • They can also be applied in areas to warn of potential hazards that occur once inside an area such as wet floors or steps.
  • Not just restricted to floor application,  floor markers can also be applied on walls and doors.
  • Anywhere to ensure the message they are displaying is best seen by employees and guests.