Sofamel SG30 Class 3 Latex Insulated Gloves

Product Details

  • The natural latex base has excellent dielectric properties.
  • The thicker the glove, the greater the electrical resistance.
  • The ergonomic design providescomfort and a smoother feel, and allows the glove to be put on and taken off very easily.
  • Insulated gloves are one of the most important pieces of PPE for working in the electricalsector.
  • They are the first line of defence for contact with any live component or cable.


  • Electrical production, transport, transformation and distribution, railways,telecommunications, construction, maintenance in industry, solar panels, hybrid car batteries, etc.


  • Latex insulated gloves are recommended, together with a suitable leather overglove, to provide mechanical protection against abrasions, cuts, tears and perforations.
  • The natural latex glove is available in beige

Mechanical And Thermal Requirements

  • Average Tensile Strength: 16 MPa
  • Average Elongation At Break: 600%
  • Puncture Resistance: 18N/mm
  • Tension Set: 15%
  • Resistance To Low Temperature: conditioning of gloves for 1 hour at -25 3°C.
  • Flame-Retardant Test: Application of a flame for 10 seconds at a finger tip
  • Working Voltage: 25500 V AC