Raychem KL‐D‐I‐X‐41‐S Electrical Safety Insulation Rubber Gloves – Class 2

Product Details

  • Our range of rubber electrical insulating gloves protect the people working on live voltages or working in the proximity of electrical installations from electrical shocks.
  • Our gloves can be used for a wide range of voltages from 500 V to 36000 V and are compliant with EN60903:2003, IEC60903:2014 and CE category III.
  • Its ergonomic design provides comfort to the wearer for longer time wearing and its thickness ensures the dexterity.
  • For mechanical protection from cut and abrasion, the rubber gloves must be used along with leather over glove.
  • For composite gloves leather protectors won’t be required.
  • Our gloves come with two different cuff patterns rolled edge (R) and Straight edge (S)
  • Available sizes : 8,9.10,11
  • Length : 410 mm