MSA 10033653 Bump Cap Front Brim Red

Product Details

  • These bump caps protect workers from light bumps caused by bumping into a stationary object and are generally worn by workers in confined spaces, crawl spaces, or near overhead piping.
  • They resemble a traditional hard hat and are made of plastic so they can be used in food manufacturing.
  • Bump caps protect workers from minor impacts, like those experienced by exterminators, contractors, baggage handlers, and warehouse workers, or when working in crawl spaces and other confined spaces.
  • They are worn on the head when hard hats are not required but workers want protection from bumps, scrapes, and cuts that can be caused by walking or bumping into an object.
  • Bump caps have a lower profile than hard hats so they don’t get in the way in confined spaces.
  • Bump Caps are appropriate ONLY for work situations which do notrequire ANSI-compliant head protection. Bump Caps are designed for work in applications such as pest control, meter reading,food/beverage processing, meat packing, and auto repair
  • Perforated sides allow cross ventilation
  • Adjustable sizing 6 1/2 to 8
  • Smooth, low-profile crown