Heskins H8101C Glow in the Dark Directional Marking Tape

Product Details

  • H8101C glow in the dark directional tape is a chevron patterned photolu­min­escent egress tape with excellent glow in the dark properties.
  • The product has endless applications but the directional arrow markings combined with the glow in the dark properties can highlight exits, egress points, access routes and provide guidance down walkways and towards the aforem­en­tioned areas.
  • The directional egress tape produced is a midway point between our standard egress and high quality egress marking tape in terms of glow performance.
  • The photolu­min­escent standards are excellent providing approximately 4~6 hours of glow based on a standard charge.­
  • This allows us to provide another level of glow in the dark tape, in terms of performance and price.
  • Glow in the dark directional egress tape features a black chevron print on the surface and then iis covered with a laminate to prevent the print wearing during use.
  • Photoluminescent tape with black arrows 50mm x 10m
  • Mid-performance glow in the dark marking tape
  • Also provides directional assistance
  • Afterglow of 4-6 hours after sufficient charge